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The 9 best subscription boxes for Men’s Clothing, Grooming and more

words by: Sahar Khraibani
Oct 15, 2020

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering “is there a subscription box for that?” the answer is always going to be yes. It’s 2020, which means humanity has reached a point where almost anything can be tailor-made, custom-made, or curated for your life specifically.


We have compiled a list of the 9 most interesting and useful subscription boxes for you. Here they are:


Trunk Club
Priced per item – prices range from $50 to $300

For most men, shopping for clothes is a stress-inducing nightmarish activity: with little knowledge on where to go and what to buy, it can definitely bring more stress than comfort. If you relate, Trunk Club could literally save you, your style, and your closet. With a quiz made to give you custom-made and curated solutions, Trunk Club sends you clothes whenever you request it (unlike other monthly subscription boxes). On the plus side, there is no membership fee required, so you can keep whatever you want and return whatever you don’t.


Bespoke Post
$45 per month

Do you want cool stuff arriving at your doorstep on a monthly basis? Bespoke Post is definitely for you then. You can set your preferences and the team at Bespoke Post recommends a post based on the preferences you selected. Each month there’s a different theme, and can include things such as grooming supplies. Ingredients for the perfect cocktail, or custom made beautiful knives and items for camping. Bespoke partners with under-the-radar brands so you can discover the coolest selection of goods and gear. 


$10 per month

With their slogan “let’s make finding grooming stuff fun,” and at the incredibly low price of $10 per month, Birchbox is the best subscription to get if you want to be involved in grooming but don’t want the hassle of finding the right product. Each month, you can expect a variety of products ranging from skincare and haircare to oral products and fragrances. You’ll receive five samples all based on the unique preferences set in your Grooming Profile. If you pay 10 extra bucks for Birchbox Grooming Plus, you will get five premium grooming samples, plus a hand-picked, full-size lifestyle item.


Watch Gang
From $29

With Watch Gang, you will get a new watch every month based on your style preferences and price point. Partnering with watch companies worldwide, at your fingertips you will have access to a wide selection and variety each month. This is perfect for you if you’re looking to build a watch collection and diversify your watch game. 


Blue Bottle Coffee
From $8

Blue Bottle Coffee is one of my favorite coffee shops and coffee roasters in New York City. Blue Bottle’s blends, single origins, and espressos are sourced by hand from sustainable coffee farms, and are always small batch and hand-roasted.  There are several types of subscriptions and you can tailor it to your needs. Head over to their website to find out more.


The Tie Bar
From $45 to $259 per month

This subscription comes at a higher price but with The Tie Bar you can order a year’s worth of ties or even socks, all to be selected for you and sent straight to your home. What more can you really ask for?


$14.95 per month

Whether you want to create a rotation of scents without having to spend half your paycheck, or if you want to find the perfect new fragrance for you, then ScentBird is the right place for you. You can browse through over 500 designer colognes each month and simply start receiving them at your doorstep. 


Butcher Box
$129 per box

While this subscription box comes with a hefty price tag, it is well worth every penny. With Butcher Box, you will have a month’s worth of high-quality and humanely raised meat with no added hormones or antibiotics. You can choose between beef, pork, chicken, or a combination of all three. You will be whipping up meals full of protein in no time.


The Menlo House Club
$60 per month

This is a little similar to Trunk Club but has different selection and process. If you’re the kind of man who enjoys getting new menswear items on a regular basis, the Menlo House Club will become your go-to. For a membership fee of $60, you’ll receive a package every month containing up to three items from their seasonal collection. Each piece you receive will be customized to your size and preferences courtesy of a short quiz you fill out when you join.