If you have Butt Acne, read this

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In case you were unaware, acne forms due to overproduction of oil, also known as sebum. Essentially, when there is too much sebum, it clogs the pores and prevents them from doing their job — blocking out debris, pollution, and other environmental elements. Although acne is most common on the face, it can actually occur…

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Can you use Calamine Lotion for Acne?

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Ever since I was small, I’ve been extremely allergic to mosquitos. One time in South Africa, I got bit on my right eye and couldn’t open it for two days. In high school, I got a bite on my ankle at cheer camp and had to forfeit the entire weekend because I couldn’t walk. And…

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Can daily Face Masks prevent Acne?

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I’ve been working in the beauty and grooming industry for over 3 years now. As you can imagine, I’ve come across every moisturizer, cleanser, serum, eye cream, essence, toner, and sunscreen you can imagine. By far, one of the more demanding categories I test are face masks. It seems like every drugstore and high-end brand…

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7 best Concealers for Acne and blotchy Skin

It’s a quarter of the way through the 21st century, and if you don’t have a concealer for yourself, are you really even practicing skincare?   The argument can be made that concealer isn’t so much skin care as it is a skin product, since its job is to literally conceal blemishes from the public…

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Milk thistle is trending for Acne-prone Skin

If you deal with acne-prone or oily skin, there’s a chance you have probably heard about retinol and prescription retinoids that will fight breakouts. Most likely, you’ve also heard about salicylic acid, which de-clogs pores and decreases oil production. But if you are looking to bump up your skin’s protection layer against free radicals (which…

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Why do I keep getting Beard Acne?

beard acne

A well-maintained beard can be a fashionable way to show off your personal style. If you want to add more definition to your face, beards can help with that, too. But, if you have a beard, you may have noticed the unsettling side effect of acne beneath the surface. Not only is it irritating and…

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The 411 on Accutane, the Acne miracle worker

For those with infrequent breakouts or blemishes, topical acne products usually do the trick to removing them. For others who deal with constant acne, scars, and deep breakouts, over-the-counter products might not be as effective. For this, you might seek out, or have a recommendation by a dermatologist, to use isotretinoin, the drug found in…

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Why do I always have Acne around my Hairline?

hairline acne

While it’s easy to assume that pimples only form on the cheek and chin areas, hairline acne is a real thing, and its causes may surprise you. That being said, if pimples on your hairline are one of your top acne concerns, ahead, we’re diving deep into what causes hairline acne, and sharing some treatment…

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Should you add Toner to Acne-prone Skincare routine?

Out of your entire skincare routine, whether it’s 3 or 20 steps, have you ever wondered if face toners are even necessary? If you’ve been into skin care for quite some time, you might remember the drying, alcohol-based toners that everyone hated. Fortunately, science and marketing have since taken a turn, and present day toners…

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Safflower Oil is what you need for Acne-prone Skin

safflower oil

Whenever you have acne, you’ll probably hear people suggest retinol, salicylic acid, or benzoyl peroxide. These ingredients have been deemed to be the most amazing and effective players in the market, but there are more natural ingredients to consider as alternatives. And yes, they will produce clear skin as well.   A top one to…

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