This ‘Moon Knight’ character debut seemed like a dig at DCEU

In my opinion, there were 3 big things to come out of the Moon Knight series — Mr. Knight, the reveal of Jake Lockley, and Layla El-Faouly’s debut as the Scarlet Scarab. I remember experiencing these moments for the first time like it was yesterday. Layla El-Faouly (May Calamawy) stepping in strong with those golden…

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Zack Snyder’s original plan for the DCEU was a complete mess


You can enjoy the DCEU films, but can we agree in unison now that the DCEU has amounted to a sizeable mess? Personally, I can’t even say that the DCEU is a hit-or-miss situation, because a majority of the content from this extended universe has been underwhelming — at best. Since the Warner Bros. acquisition…

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Warner Bros. Discovery seeks to make immediate DCEU changes


In March, Discovery investors voted in approval of the company’s $43 billion acquisition of WarnerMedia from AT&T to create Warner Bros. Discovery during a special meeting of stockholders, marking one of the final formal steps before the transaction can close. In April, Discovery completed its acquisition of WarnerMedia from AT&T. The close of the transaction…

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Brendan Fraser is back and better than ever in the DCEU

Batgirl officially welcomes its new villain — Firefly. On October 25, Director Bilall Fallah went to social media, reposting Jacob Scipio’s story that said, “Welcome to Gotham” as an official warm welcome to Brendan Fraser to the DCEU. There has been a huge resurgence in Fraser’s career as of recently.   After a long stint…

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James Gunn and Peter Safran named co-CEOs at DC Studios

gunn safran ceos

The search for the “DC Kevin Feige” has not been an easy one. The Marvel Studios competitor has now found not one, but two leaders to lead this potential-filled franchise towards greener pastures. James Gunn (best known for his work on Marvel Studios’ Guardians of the Galaxy and DC’s Suicide Squad and Peacemaker) and Peter…

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Brendan Fraser breaks silence on ‘Batgirl’ cancellation

brendan fraser batgirl

I don’t know about you, but I’m still mourning the loss of the Batgirl movie. We were seriously robbed of something amazing. Bat Family fans know that Barbara Gordon/Batgirl was just as important as all the Robins, and we’ve been waiting for her to finally get her time in the sun. The saddest part of…

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6 iconic Brendan Fraser films you need to watch

Brendan-Fraser copy

Brendan Fraser is Hollywood treasure and I will not hear otherwise. Him unjustly being blackballed from the industry for years only made fans more supportive of him, and more joyous when he finally returned in Doom Patrol. Fraser was everywhere in the late ’90s and early 2000s, making his mark in pop culture by being…

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J.J. Abrams just had two DC series shutdown by HBO Max

j.j. abrams copy

J.J. Abrams is one of the most well-known names in Hollywood. His work has proven that he goes above and beyond in whatever he decides to create. However, the executives at HBO Max think that he might be offering up ideas that aren’t speaking to the market’s demands. Abrams had pitched a Constantine series and…

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Keanu Reeves will be returning in the ‘Constantine’ sequel

constantine copy

DC fans have been robbed of joy for years now. With constant disappointment at every turn, there has been a glimmer of hope for the patient fandom — Keanu Reeves will be reprising his role as the occult detective himself, John Constantine. It’s been almost two decades since Francis Lawrence’s supernatural thriller, and fans have…

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Not all October movie releases are horror films

black adam

October is going to be a slower month than the jam-packed September, but while this month brings us fewer titles, they still pack a punch. Out of the entire lot, one to be the most excited about is DC’s Black Adam, starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. This movie has been in the works for a…

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