3 discrete and comfortable Fitness Watches to consider

Every accessory you wear on your body on a daily basis has to fit with your personal lifestyle and aesthetic. This even applies to fitness trackers: While they have to be comfortable and work well with your outfits, they also have to work well with your lifestyle and how you choose to go about working…

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Fitness for Disabilities now has a place with Zion Clark

zion clark

Regardless of what marketing words are used, actions speak louder than words when it comes to inclusivity in the plethora of industries out there. From the racial upheaval of 2020 to now, brands have “done their best” in taking inventory of their diversity efforts (read: lack thereof) and racist tactics embedded in their culture.  …

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Introducing Luxury Fitness courtesy of HermèsFit

If you’ve got it, flaunt it right? Luxury house Hermès is taking this statement to another level with its new HermèsFit program. The French Maison is headed to Williamsburg, New York this week from November 4-7 to run a fitness pop-up program that “puts the house’s accessories in the limelight.”   What to expect HermèsFit…

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Cordyceps are all over TikTok, so what are they?


Although there are several species of cordyceps (group of ascomycetous fungi mushrooms), TikTok has been focusing on two main types: Cordyceps sinesis (caterpillar fungus) and cordyceps militaris (lab-grown mushrooms). Traditionally, these mushrooms were used in Chinese medicine to help balance yang energy in the body and treat various ailments and symptoms. Although cordyceps have been…

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Google’s first ever Pixel smartwatch comes with a Fitbit tracker

pixel watch copy

Alphabet is now selling its first Google-branded smartwatch equipped with Fitbit, the fitness tracking technology, 3 years after acquiring it. The Pixel Watch is now available to customers.   The company has been developing the Wear OS operating system for years before releasing the Pixel Watch, and the Wear OS system is what powers many…

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Tailored to You: 8 best customizable Hair and Skin Care brands

The best skin and hair products for you cannot possibly be the same as the best for everyone else. There is no possible way that any two people have the exact same needs, and yet we purchase products without consideration for things like hair texture, hair density, scalp balance, skin oiliness, long-term grooming goals, and…

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The best low-budget, high-performance Skincare regimen

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on your grooming regimen in order for it to perform well. Truth be told, there is a very well-defined threshold that separates a great regimen (with a small amount of products) and an excessive one that demands twice as many products, each one 4 times the…

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All the Health benefits of Asparagus Root

asparagus root

Back in 2015, my good friend and I entered a six-week workout program, where we committed to at least 5 workouts a week (we often did 6 or 7) and a healthy diet. With the program, you pay $500 upfront for workouts, diet tips, and access to coaches 24/7. At the end, if you lost…

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Debunking the myth of “30 minutes of Exercise per day”

couch potato

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably used the myth of “a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise per day” to excuse couch potato status and lazy habits. But as it turns out, working out for 30 minutes a day may not actually be enough to counter the damage that sitting for prolonged periods of…

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