5 clean Grooming brands worth adding to your routine

If you don’t have a skincare routine, what better time to do it than in 2020 when we are forced to stay inside and deal with all the things we never wanted to deal with. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not silly for men to care about their skin. Like women, men age too and…

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If you Workout, here’s a starter Skincare routine for you

As an avid marathon runner, I am constantly working out. I love the way my body is impacted from a hard run or cross training workout. I love seeing the sweat pour, indicating how hard I’m working. I love seeing my legs shake in a Pilates class as I utilize smaller muscles that aren’t usually…

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The golden Skincare routine for college guys

college skincare

Not to age myself, but the access to knowledge I had about skincare when I went to college way back when was extremely different to what people have access to today. You might be someone who reads our skincare posts and has an idea about what to do to keep skin healthy in certain situations,…

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5 Grooming Tools to help you take it to the next level

water flosser copy

There are some grooming tools everyone owns, like nail clippers, tweezers, and a face shaver or trimmer of choice. That’s the baseline stuff, since we all use these products a couple times a month to simply keep order. (And we recognize that “order” means very different things to different people.)   However, these are some…

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The biggest Technology changes in Grooming this year

technology changes

If you feel like there are new discoveries in the skincare and grooming industry, you wouldn’t be wrong. With everyone claiming that they have the latest innovative technology, or products that have never been done before, it’s hard to be oblivious to the advances that have happened in the last several years.   Previously, where…

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Microfiber cloths could change efficacy of your Skincare routine

I’m all about simplifying your grooming routine and providing you with tools that offer the most streamlined option. Recently, thanks to going viral on TikTok, I’ve been testing microfiber cloths and its role in a skincare routine. Because I’m impressed with the results, I’ll share the details with you.   Microfiber cloths, the reusable pads…

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Does your Skincare routine need double cleansing?

Prior to taking on grooming and skincare writing, I never used to have a skincare routine. I would simply splash my face with water, apply Olay and go about my day. Now, my routine, although still minimal, includes a really gentle facial cleanser. I love the way my current products lather on my skin and…

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Update your Hair routine with Flaxseed

flaxseed oil

Typically used only in food, flaxseed took the mainstream route into the wellness world a few years ago. Known to be a good source of protein and fiber, flaxseed oil improves cholesterol, lowers blood pressure and does so much more. But what does it do for wellness? Turns out, sprinkling some flaxseeds into your morning…

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Is it bad to use both Vitamin C and Retinol in my routine?

vitamin c and retinol

With new skincare launches popping up almost daily, it can be tempting to simply purchase everything and lather it on your face, with little thought about whether the products you’ve chosen will actually work well together. The reality is, no matter how great a product is when used by itself, it sadly doesn’t guarantee it…

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