Tailored to You: 8 best customizable Hair and Skin Care brands

The best skin and hair products for you cannot possibly be the same as the best for everyone else. There is no possible way that any two people have the exact same needs, and yet we purchase products without consideration for things like hair texture, hair density, scalp balance, skin oiliness, long-term grooming goals, and…

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What is Nasturtium Extract and how does it help your Hair?

Keratin, the fibrous protein that makes up 90% of hair strands, is most known for its smooth and shiny effects on hair. Many people look for natural treatments that repair and boost the keratin in hair. A great natural ingredient for this is nasturtium extract.   What is nasturtium extract? Nasturtium is a plant with…

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A no-frills guide to covering up Gray Hair

gray hair

Did you click on this article because you discovered your first gray? Or maybe you want to prevent it from ever coming. We should start by saying graying is completely normal and an inevitable sign of aging. AKA, it happens to everyone. It’s actually a beautiful, natural process–which is why some people prefer embracing their…

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Green up your Haircare routine with these tips and tricks

green hair

Although it might seem like skincare and clothing habits are the best ways to attack when cleaning up a carbon footprint-heavy regimen, haircare also plays a very large role. Meaning, your favorite shampoos, styling products, and even combs and brushes are responsible too. Essentially, product packaging and the alarming amount of pollution in haircare products…

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Post-sun Recovery tips for Skin and Hair


After a long day in the sun—and whether you feel it or not—your body is tired. That intense sun can really deplete you of your energy, on every level. That includes your skin and hair, both of which are on the front lines in terms of UV ray exposure. And that’s precisely why it’s smart…

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What is the difference between a Taper and Fade Haircut?

fade cover

Tapers and fades are the haircuts that many men seek out at barbershops. And, although people use these interchangeably, they are quite different cuts. Moreover, a better understanding of the difference will save you from either not getting the cut you meant to get, looking like you don’t know what you’re talking about, or worse:…

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What is Octyldodecanol and how can it help my Hair?


Here’s the thing, octyldodecanol is actually common in a variation of products. Since no one can pronounce this word, it’s easy to skip over it when checking a label. From lotion to cologne, octyldodecanol is probably in your dopp kit right now.   What is it? Octyldodecanol is a type of alcohol that is usually…

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