Instagram is developing a nudity filter for DMs

Instagram is developing a feature that will allow users to filter out and hide nude photographs that have been sent to them inadvertently via direct messages using a new “nudity protection” filter. The social media network confirmed that the feature is being developed, but gave no timeframe for when it will go live. The parent…

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Instagram is testing a new repost tool


Instagram is planning on allowing users to repost other users’ posts and reels. Even though this feature is not yet released publicly, the app will begin testing it on select users very soon.   Social media consultant Matt Navara first spotted the new feature and posted a screenshot revealing a “Repost” tab. He also shared…

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Instagram’s unreleased Candid Challenges too close to BeReal

candid challenges

Instagram is reportedly testing a new feature called “Candid Challenges,” that is eerily similar to the new app BeReal, which is rising in popularity, especially among Gen Z.   While this feature has not been released yet, it was spotted by Allesandro Paluzzi, who is a developer known for spotting updates before they become public…

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Instagram is going back on its changes after major backlash

kylie-jenner-instagram-feed copy

Following a major backlash from users, Instagram is going back on the slew of changes to the platform that have been happening over the last couple of months. This was, of course, prompted by major influencers. Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner expressed their dissatisfaction publicly. But many users have taken to Twitter to voice their concerns…

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Instagram posts and Reels can now be paywalled

instagram paywall

Instagram’s becoming more and more oriented towards businesses, profits, and ads. Though it was always a way that creatives made financial profits, in the past, this used to be more subtle. Influencers would build a following, and share content for free, then collaborate with brands or sell products. But it was never as transactional as…

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Instagram allowing Businesses to turn Reels into Ads


On July 19th, Instagram announced a brand new feature that makes use of the expanding world of Reels and allows users and businesses to boost their Reels and turn them into ads in order to reach new audiences.   According to their website, the company shared: “Today, we’re announcing that businesses can now boost their…

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Do we really need Instagram’s new searchable map?

ig map copy

Instagram’s been making significant changes over the past couple of months to make its platform more profitable and consumer-directed. One of the latest additions to this end is a new searchable and dynamic map that makes it easier for users to discovers shops, restaurants, hotels, and several other local businesses. This is both an attempt…

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Instagram is testing a full-screen main feed

ig copy

While Mark Zuckerberg has just shown off a full edge-to-edge feed on his Stories, Instagram has already been testing a semi-“full-screen” view for its main feed since May. Zuckerberg shared that the new design will soon be put to the test by select members of the community.   The Meta CEO shared: “We want to…

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Instagram has announced a full visual rebranding

While it hasn’t been hit with the same amount of criticism as its parent company, Meta, Instagram‘s appeal seems to be fading, as users flock to the less polished and curated world of video-based platforms like TikTok.   It is in this spirit that the social media app unveiled a full visual rebrand, which is…

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