3 best Tattoo aftercare products on the market

tattoo care

I don’t have any tattoos, but I am very aware of what I would get. My dad passed away nearly 10 years ago, and my 3 siblings and I have always said we would get his signature tattooed when we felt ready. It would be symbolic of the great life he lived and the lessons…

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Turn your Ink on and off thanks to Bang Bang Tattoo

bang bang

Choosing a tattoo, especially your first one, can be daunting. You’re worried about the design, placement, if you’re going to like it next year, and if it will affect how your family and how work peers will view you. Don’t worry, I get it. It’s no easy task and requires a lot of commitment…until now.…

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Use this product if you want to keep your Tattoos looking fresh

Tattoos have a long, extensive history and up until recently, have been a stigma in many societies across the world. Despite tattoos being seen as a negative mark, we are seeing more and more people push past the stigma (and the life-altering negative consequences that came with it) by embracing the individuality and talent behind…

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Let’s talk about Racism in the Tattoo Industry

The conversations we are seeing about racism and the system of injustice have found themselves in the center of everyone’s workplace. It’s no surprise that industries such as fashion, beauty, and wellness are extremely problematic and lack diversity, but an industry whose diversity disappoints beyond measure is one we seldom think about. I’m talking about…

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Tattoo taboo in East Asia – here’s what you need to know

Travel plans are hard to make right now. Everyone is in planning mode, but who knows when it’ll be safe to travel to another state, let alone another country anytime soon. However, if you are looking into traveling to East Asia and you have tattoos, listen up. It’s a well-known fact that East Asia has…

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Things to remember when taking care of your Tattoos

There’s no better feeling than having a fully healed tattoo. The freedom from itching, soreness, or slight burning pain almost matches the satisfaction of knowing that you have a tattoo that will age properly as time passes by. Tattoo care is not always fun, but it is necessary. Here are a few tips to ensure…

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What to consider when getting your first Tattoo

You finally decided that you want a tattoo. After years of arguing with yourself, you’ve realized that this is what you want and you’ve let go of the fear of regretting it when you get older. You talked to your parents about it and they agreed not to disown you so long as it is…

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The only guide to follow for Microblading

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In case you’ve been living under a rock, eyebrows have been all the rage with the grooming set over the last 3-5 years. Blame it on the pandemic, and lack of opportunities to express creative freedom, but TikTok, Instagram, fashion influencers, celebrities, and more have all taken up eyebrow art. Some enjoy soap brows: Feathered,…

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