Cordyceps are all over TikTok, so what are they?


Although there are several species of cordyceps (group of ascomycetous fungi mushrooms), TikTok has been focusing on two main types: Cordyceps sinesis (caterpillar fungus) and cordyceps militaris (lab-grown mushrooms). Traditionally, these mushrooms were used in Chinese medicine to help balance yang energy in the body and treat various ailments and symptoms. Although cordyceps have been…

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TikTok has a new image slideshow feature called Photo Mode

One of my new favorite social media updates is TikTok’s latest Photo Mode. Earlier this month, along with other improved editing features, TikTok unveiled Photo Mode, a brand new photo tool that appears to compete with Instagram.   Photo Mode is a new way to experience TikTok, where users can create a slideshow that mimics…

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TikTok introduces a dislike button for comments

tiktok downvote

A new dislike button is being incorporated in the comments section on TikTok and many are thrilled about this update. As a tool for users to flag comments they think are irrelevant or improper, the short-form video app began testing the dislike button in April.   When you click the dislike button next to a comment,…

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TikTok’s new AI creating bizarre green screen backgrounds


A new in-app text-to-image AI generator that TikTok rolled out recently has been creating bizarre green screen backgrounds and creators are taking full advantage of it. The AI generator lets you type in any prompt — any weird thing that comes to your mind — and then it will generate an imagine that will automatically…

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This invite-only collage App is Trending all over TikTok


We now know that many aesthetic trends and visuals tend to go viral on TikTok every once in a while. The latest viral trend is a collage-style video “mood board,” being made possible by Shuffles.   Thanks to demand from Gen Z users who are using the new creative expression tool to create, publish, and…

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A new Music Streaming service from TikTok is in the works

ByteDance, the parent company of TikTok, filed an application for a trademark in May for a service called “TikTok Music.” According to the filing, the trademark may be used for a mobile app that would let users buy, play, download, and share music.   TikTok is already a platform that makes it easier to find…

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3 tips on how to spot Fake News on TikTok

TikTok has become one of the fastest growing and most accessible news sources for young adults—only a close second to Instagram. The majority of young adults get their news exclusively from social media, as it is the most convenient way for them to be connected and informed. Because of how quickly news spreads, especially on…

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