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A guide to Batman’s different Robins

If you think about it, they are kind of 4 parts of a whole.

words by: Alee Kwong
Mar 31, 2022

Batman has had many different Robins over the years, and each of them are different than the one that came before. While all of them eventually diverged from the title of Robin and created their very own identity, they all struggled with the same problem—proving their worthiness to Batman.


While there are technically 5 different Robins, we mainly address 4 core Robins (Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Tim Drake, and Damian Wayne). This is because Stephanie Brown’s time as Robin was incredibly short, and she is better known for her time as Spoiler and Batgirl.


Dick Grayson


When you think of Robin, you’re probably thinking about Dick Grayson. Dick Grayson’s origin starts off like many of them do. His parents were murdered during their performance at Haly’s Circus as The Flying Graysons. After the tragic loss of his parents, Bruce Wayne adopts Grayson and trains him in combat and detective work, preparing him for the role of Robin.


As time goes on, Grayson find himself disagreeing with Batman’s methods, noting that Batman uses excessive force. As a way to establish his own identity apart from Batman, Dick Grayson leaves to become the leader of the Teen Titans.


Eventually, he leaves and takes on the moniker of Nightwing. He got the name from a Kryptonian story he heard from Superman. Grayson’s time as Robin, the leader of the Teen Titans, and ascension to Nightwing has established him as one of the most admirable superheroes. It’s made him the blueprint for Robins who followed.


Jason Todd


Jason Todd’s time as Robin was cut very short—not by choice. While he was Robin very briefly, he’s remembered because of his fate. When Bruce Wayne adopted Jason Todd, he couldn’t have chosen someone more opposite to Dick Grayson. Batman happened upon a young Jason Todd stealing the tires off of the Batmobile.


Todd was the son of a mother who died of an overdose and a crooked father who was presumed dead after an encounter with Two-Face went wrong. Batman’s hope was that he could channel Todd’s anger and resentment towards crime fighting. Little did he know that inserting Jason Todd into the vigilante world was a curse rather than a blessing.


Unlike Dick Grayson, Jason Todd thought Batman’s methods were too easy on the criminals of Gotham City. During his time as Robin, a drug investigation led him right into the hands of the Joker. The Joker kidnapped Todd, beat him relentlessly with a crowbar, and trapped him in a room with an explosive—taking Todd’s life. Batman sees Todd’s death as one of his greatest failures and promised himself that this would never happen again.


Tim Drake


Tim Drake is very different from Jason Todd and Dick Grayson, in that he is probably the only Robin who possesses all the skills required to successfully take on the Batman mantle. Drake’s origin doesn’t include dead parents, however—his parents were world-renowned archaeologists, and sent him away to various boarding schools. Bruce Wayne took Tim Drake under his wing at a younger age. He hoped he could mold a younger mind and align him with the same morals and values as Batman without any pushback. This was to avoid a losing another Robin.


Like his parents, Drake has an incredibly sharp mind. He was able to deduce that Bruce Wayne was Batman and Dick Grayson was Robin by the age of 9. By 13, he was able to see a difference in Batman’s approach to violence (and its connection to his unresolved trauma from Jason Todd’s death).


Easily the most intelligent Robin, Tim Drake has proven himself to be the most level-headed Robin besides Dick Grayson. Along with his combat training from Batman, intellect, superior deductive skills, and penchant for tech, he is well-prepared to take on the responsibilities of Batman, should the time come and he is willing.


Damian Wayne


Damian Wayne is easily one of the most unhinged Robins. You’d think it would have to do with being a child, but it has everything to do with who raised him. The only son of Bruce Wayne and Talia Al Ghul, Damian Wayne was raised by Ra’s Al Ghul and the League of Assassins. So yeah, not much of a childhood there.


When he was put in the custody of his father, he felt Nightwing and Tim Drake (as Robin) were a threat to his place as Batman’s right-hand man. Following his training as an assassin with a rigid code of honor, he fought Tim Drake for the place of Robin and nearly killed him.


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