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Ethan Hawke and Pedro Pascal wrap LGBTQ+ story

A Strange Way of Life is a big yee-haw for the LGBTQ+ community.

words by: Alee Kwong
Sep 20, 2022

Filming has wrapped on Pedro Almodóvar’s newest project, A Strange Way of Life. Ethan Hawke and Pedro Pascal star in the short film that is being compared to the likes of Brokeback Mountain. It centers around a sheriff named Jake (Hawke) and gunslinger Silva (Pascal), living on separate ends of a desert, as they attempt to find one another. Feelings arise when they finally meet for a desert showdown.


The 30-minute short was shot in southern Spain. The location choice doesn’t seem like it was picked by chance. Sergio Leone, an Italian filmmaker who is widely considered one of the most influential directors in cinematic history and the pioneer of the Spaghetti Western genre — with one of his most famous projects being The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.


Hawke recently shared a photo of himself and Pascal with the Spanish sunset behind them, captioning, “@PascalisPunk and I are wrapping production on #ExtrañaFormadeVida (#AStrangeWayOfLife). It’s been a dream to work with Pedro Almodóvar and his wonderful team. Apologies for my Spanish.”



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When speaking with IndieWire, Almodóvar says that A Strange Way of Life could “be like my answer to Brokeback Mountain.” He added, “The relation between these two guys is animalistic… It was a physical relationship. The punch of the movie comes when they have to separate, and Heath Ledger discovers that he can’t think about leaving. That’s a strong discovery. But until that moment, it is animalistic, and for me it was impossible to have that in the movie because it was a Hollywood movie. You could not have these two guys f*cking all the time.”


There is no official release date for A Strange New Way of Life, but Hawke and Pascal have both recently occupied notable roles in Disney+ streaming projects, with Hawke playing the antagonist in Moon Knight opposite Oscar Isaac, and Pascal playing the ever-so-popular Din Djarin in The Mandalorian.


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Photo via Focus Features