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A widow’s peak isn’t necessarily a bad thing…

How to work around it.

words by: Natasha Marsh
Mar 16, 2020

That downward V-shaped hairline, also known as a widow’s peak, tends to have a weird reputation. It seems like no one is excited about this type of hairline even though it happens to be pretty common.

Superstitions aside, widow’s peaks are simply a genetic trait. Sometimes they are quite distinctive: think Jack Nicholson or Leonardo DiCaprio. Other times, it’s subtle. Regardless of how dominant it is, don’t try to hide it – own it. 

Your widow’s peak has a mind of its own. Instead of directing your hair a certain way, we have tips below on how to tame it and even love it. 


Part it!

A lot of the times you can get away with it by parting your hair differently. Growing bangs, or longer hair in the front, can help soften your hairline. Once the bangs are in, you can focus on swiping hair to the side and eliminating the peak’s visibility. So go long on the top, brush it forward, part it, and carry on. 



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Focus on the products. 

Widow’s peaks depict a sense of maturity. And there is nothing wrong with that. So embrace it. Best way to do this is selecting the right products. Try out a good clay, cream, pomade or wax. Depending on what finish or hold you want, you may have to play around with it. If you have thin hair, clay or wax could be a good option. You’ll get more volume this way. If you have thick hair, you could slick back the hair with wax or wear it as is with a cream. 



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Still hate it? Wax it.

If you’ve considered the above tips and still want no part in your widow’s peak, you might want to wax it off. You can pick up an at-home waxing kit or go to your local barber. A quick note, if you’re doing this at home for the first time, wax a small test patch to eliminate any irritations and unplanned hairlines. 



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