A24 might release a full Horror trilogy this year

So far, so scary.

words by: Alee Kwong
Oct 13, 2022

We are living in a good time for horror movies. I haven’t seen this many solid horror movies come out in the same year in a while. Now that I think about it, I don’t think we’ve seen this many come out in less than a year (that were good). Rarely do we see sequels come out in the same year, and threequels are lofty goals at best. However, Fear Street surpassed all previous notions by releasing Fear Street: 1994, Fear Street: 1978, and Fear Street: 1666 — get this — all within the same month.


Director Ti West is looking to do something similar by potentially having all 3 installments of the X trilogy release this year. Earlier this year, A24 released X, a story about a group of actors who go out to the most rural part of Texas to shoot an adult film, only to find themselves fighting for their life against an old couple who reside on the property. In September, the prequel to X, titled Pearl, released in theaters and showed us a similar theme of seeking stardom through adult films through the eyes of Pearl, an ambitious farm girl who is tethered by family duty.





Mia Goth plays the lead role in both X and Pearl, as well as being set to play the lead in MaXXXine — the third installment. The official logline reads: “The film follows Maxine (Mia Goth), after the events of X, as the sole survivor who continues her journey towards fame setting out to make it as an actress in 1980s Los Angeles.”


Goth also has a screenwriting credit on Pearl, while she will be executive producing MaXXXine with A24. Jacob Jaffke and writer-director West will head production along with Kevin Turen and Harrison Kreiss.


West spoke to IndieWire’s Eric Kohn and said that the third film will be “about how home video has affected people” in the 1980s. “I’m very proud of these,” West stated. “They’re super different and very out-of-nowhere. You won’t need to see one to see the other but they do complement each other. I’m trying to build a world out of all this, like people do these days. You can’t make a slasher movie without a bunch of sequels.”


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Photo via A24