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Yes, you are in fact old if you don’t know what these acronyms mean

words by: Natasha Marsh
Nov 21, 2020

Due to COVID, I’ve been living at home in California and spending a lot of quality time with my 25-year old brother. We’ve made home dance videos, cooked, worked on projects and reorganized our whole house. It’s been great, but the biggest thing I’ve learned from him is that I’m officially old.


To be fair, I’m only 29 but in acronym awareness – I’m old. Every text message he sends me that includes: “LMFG,” “HMU,” “ICYMI,” or “FWIW,” I spend time Googling and decoding. If that makes me old, fine. I’m okay with that. I’ve learned a handful of acronyms since sheltering-in-place and if you’re on the fence of being in-the-know and erm… old, then the list below will be the dictionary you’ll actually use. GL.


  • DIKY: Do I know you?
  • STFU: Shut the f*** up
  • IKR: I know, right
  • OFC: of course
  • LMFG: Let’s mutha f****** go (not to be confused with LFG or let’s f****** go)
  • HMU: Hit me up
  • ICYMI: In case you missed it 
  • FWIW: For what it’s worth
  • 2G2BT: Too good to be true (really?) 
  • RME: Rolling my eyes
  • AAK: Alive and kicking (2020 appropriate) 
  • AITR: Adult in the room (lol)
  • GL: Good luck
  • B2W: Back to work
  • NC: No comment
  • TL,DR: Too long, didn’t read (actually useful)
  • IMO: In my opinion
  • TFTI: Thanks for the invite