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Fire Finds: ACRONYM NG5-AK Gaiter

Keep your neck warm.

words by: Matt Peng
Aug 21, 2020

Maybe it’s too early for some people to think about shopping for winter essentials now while the temperatures are still in the 80-90+ Fahrenheit range, but for me, I always get prepared early. I hate being surprised by a cold wave in the Northeast, rushing to get equipped, and finding out that everything is sold out or on back order. Although it’s very likely I’ll still be quarantined at home this winter, I don’t mind stocking for next year. So this week’s Fire Finds is for all of you that’re like me and like to be prepared before the jump.


One of the most technical (and expensive) brands on the marketplace, ACRONYM, founded by designer Errolson Hugh, constantly puts out those crazy cool jackets and pants you’ve probably seen more and more people getting into. The whole “tech” wave started because of functionality and has caught on because of its mystical, zen-like ninja vibes. But aside from the amazing outerwear pieces, sick Nike collabs and the extremely customizable accessories and bags, I’ve always been fond of the ACRONYM accessories, especially the gaiter pieces.



Maybe it’s because I do feel like a ninja and protected while I wear them that I’m so into them. Or maybe because they do their job and keep my face warm and protected during New York City snow storms. Either way, they’re excellently made each time and the new NG5-AK piece is no different. Made in Bolivia and knit from Cashllama wool (some of the finest wool around, obtained from the llamas in the Bolivia Altiplano/Andes), the piece has a breathable semi-mesh construction allowing for just enough air passage if you’re wearing it to cover half your face but keeps your neck entirely warm if worn just around that area.


With a price tag of €357 EUR, about $425 USD, this accessory is definitely on the higher side price wise. But for the quality of the construction and the absolute best material, it’s worth the investment. You can pick it up now via



Photos via ACRONYM