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New adidas x Allbirds collab changes footwear industry forever

We are moving more in the direction of sustainable footwear.

words by: Sahar Khraibani
May 15, 2021

adidas and Allbirds, two pioneering footwear and apparel companies, have teamed up for a revolutionary collaboration in the name of sustainability. The two companies have finally unveiled their first product, the FUTURECRAFT. FOOTPRINT after announcing their partnership a year ago. This comes at a very relevant time, when the future of fashion and footwear is being reimagined to serve the demands of sustainability and the environment.



The sneaker

Meet the FUTURECRAFT.FOOTPRINT sneaker. It was created by adidas’ creative division FUTURECRAFT, which aims to shape the future of sport. The FUTURECRAFT.FOOTPRINT is a creative running shoe with a 2.94kg CO2e carbon footprint—a personal best for both brands. adidas and Allbirds were able to produce the shoe with 63 percent less emissions by using a different production and manufacturing process. This is considered as groundbreaking.


Brian Grevy, the Executive Board Member of Global Brands at adidas said of the collaboration:

“Our partnership with Allbirds is a beacon of what can happen when competing brands from the same industry see the possibilities in coming together to design. By truly co-creating and providing each other with open access to knowledge and resources – such as Allbirds’ knowledge of carbon calculation and experience with natural materials, and adidas’ capabilities in manufacturing and performance footwear – this is a call-to-action for other brands, and a milestone in the sports industry achieving carbon neutrality.” 


During the creation of the FUTURECRAFT.FOOTPRINT, adidas and Allbirds took a minimalist approach. Just using what was required to achieve the desired performance benefits, without utilizing any other procedures and tools that would compromise the strikingly low record of carbon emissions.



The shoe’s midsole is built around adidas Lightstrike and reimagined with Allbirds’ sugarcane-based SweetFoam, resulting in a low-carbon natural component. These are the brands’ signature technologies that have been recently developed. It is wonderful to see two major brands work together and share their knowledge to create footwear that is sustainable for our planet.


The upper is the product of a collaboration of material, with 70 percent recycled polyester and 30 percent natural Tencel — a wood pulp-based material — coming together to create a lightweight upper that meets performance demands while lowering carbon footprint.


The  FUTURECRAFT.FOOTPRINT will be released in a limited edition of 100 pairs to adidas Creators Club members this month, followed by a wider 10,000 pair release Fall/Winter 2021 and an even larger release in the Spring/Summer 2022. If you’re interested in the revolutionary future of footwear, read more on adidas’ Mylo mushroom footwear.



Photos via adidas