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adidas is suing Nike over Copyright infringement

Who will win this time?

words by: Kayla Carmicheal
Jun 18, 2022

Industry giants adidas and Nike are heading to court soon with adidas suing Nike over copyright infringement. adidas claims that Nike has infringed upon 9 patents, thus violating their intellectual property. The lawsuit names Nike’s apps — SNKRS, Training Club, and Run Club as being a few of these violations.


This is definitely a technology-based lawsuit. For instance, certain features of SNKRS, like GPS tracking, audio feedback, third-party accessory integration, and limited edition pre-sales are being cited. CONFIRMED, adidas’ app, has a similar build and customer loyalty deal, and was released a few months before SNKRS in 2015.


In addition to patents and apps, adidas claims that the 2005 “Adidas_1” sneaker, shown below, has been infringed upon. The brand claims that it was the “world’s first intelligent running shoe [that] sensed and adjusted the comfort of the shoe while the shoe was worn.” These kicks had a motor in the sole and a sensor in the heel to adjust the shoe’s stiffness as it was being worn.



If you recall, the Nike Adapt shoe uses technology to change based on your foot shape. adidas claims that they are the first company in the industry “to comprehensively bring data analytics to athletes.” It’s worth noting that adidas’s model was specifically designed for athletes; runners. Nike’s Adapt, on the other hand, presents itself to a larger market, as its focus is on the wearer’s comfort.





This isn’t the first time the footwear titans have been entangled in legal battles. Notably, last year, Nike issued a complaint about at least 40 adidas sneakers—and won. They stated that the shoes adidas made with Primeknit technology, infringed on its (Nike’s) patent for Flyknit.


adidas seeks damages and a court mandate that bars Nike from, basically, doing this again—if they are found in violation.


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