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The latest pandemic hack is an Air Purifier, here’s why it works

words by: Sahar Khraibani
Jan 29, 2021

From the start of the pandemic, which is now nearing its one year anniversary, we have been trying to figure out how to keep the virus out of our bodies and our homes: some have started wearing two masks, others gloves and face shields, but for some (if not most of us) that doesn’t seem to be appeasing our anxieties.


Most recently, the consumer facet of pandemic protection focused its efforts on air purifiers that may break your bank or your credit card, but are they really worth it?


You’ve probably heard a lot about air purifiers: which, as they sound, are meant to purify the air in your house. If you want, you can think about them as Brita filters, but for oxygen. Air purifiers are devices that remove particles of matter like dust, allergens, and pollen from the air. Surprisingly enough, the air inside our home turned out to be dirtier than the air outside. This is caused by moisture that traps contaminants and can accelerate the development of mold. Apparently, indoor air tends to be 2 to 5 times more polluted—since there’s less ventilation and circulation. This is why you may want to consider getting yourself an air purifier.


According to the MD Anderson Cancer Center, air purifiers can actually kill the coronavirus. Especially HEPA filters, when used over time, can take out a big chunk of viruses. So if you’re finding yourself needing extra steps to combat your anxiety and pandemic fatigue, now may be the time to invest in an air purifiers and finally be able to relax (at least when you’re at home).