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Aman Resort’s new candle collection is inspired by world-class spas

words by: Sahar Khraibani
Dec 22, 2020

Aman Resorts are famous for their luxurious escapes that are unmatched worldwide in terms of beauty, tranquility, and hospitality. These destinations are also known for the world-class spas that they offer. 


Because travel has been scarce, and people can no longer enjoy the luxuries of spa experiences, Aman Resorts set to launch a collection of candles inspired by their spas. The candles are available in three scents and they are all sandalwood-based. Each one of the candles is crafted with a mix of mineral and natural waxes, and is contained in a gorgeous 7.7 ounce black glass vessel. The vessel is cut and blown by hand, making each candle unique.


The “Grounding” candle is infused with jasmine and ginger, and is meant to provide a sense of reconnection and stillness. The “Purifying” variant comes in floral elements of geranium and rose, generating a refreshing smell meant to energize and uplift. The third and last “Nourishing” candle has a touch of jasmine, doses of bergamot, as well as clove, and is meant to create a soothing atmosphere.


These candles can make great holiday gifts, especially with an impending quarantine life that doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. All three candles are available for pre-order now via, costing $84 a piece. 


Photo via Aman Resorts