Amazon Prime is testing drone air deliveries

Welcome Amazon Prime Air.

words by: Sahar Khraibani
Aug 10, 2022

Amazon’s Prime Air delivery drones will soon start being tested in Texas. According to the company’s blog post: “Hundreds of residents have expressed interest in receiving their Amazon orders via drone, and we’re working with each one of them to make this a reality. Now, we are excited to begin reaching out to customers in College Station, Texas, so they can also receive drone deliveries later this year.”


In June, the company announced that their team is working on making air delivery a possibility: “Our teams of hundreds of scientists, engineers, aerospace professionals, and futurists have been working hard to do just that—and later this year, Amazon customers living in Lockeford, California, will become among the first to receive Prime Air deliveries.”


The current drone delivery tests are taking place in College Station, Texas, which is an additional testing location to the one located in Lockerford, California. The company continued to explain this choice: “Lockeford has historic links to the aviation industry. The community boasts one of the early pioneers of aviation—Weldon B. Cooke, who built and flew early planes in the early 1900s—as a former resident. Now, over a century later, residents will get the opportunity to sign up for free drone delivery on thousands of everyday items.”


This current MK27-2 design features propellers that Amazon claims will reduce high-frequency sound waves as well as a hexagonal form that the company believes will improve the stability of the drone.


In 2013, Amazon had previously announced their intent to create a 30-minute short drone delivery service while releasing an old demonstration of what the future could potentially look like when it comes to air delivery.



In 2019, Amazon received approval from the Federal Aviation Administration in order to allow drones to carry packages. Prior to announcing plans to start customer delivery testing, headlines centered on the challenges Amazon was encountering, such as complaints the program was being hurried as well as several drone crashes.


Of course, as with everything else when it comes to technology, this new feature and advancement does not arrive without its pros and cons.


On the one hand, drone deliveries could potentially be extremely useful and change the landscape of online shopping and delivery forever, but on the other hand, it may cause the loss of many delivery jobs, as well as issues with the rise in demand that could cause drone crashes and other unexpected hiccups.


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Photo via Amazon