Is Amazon indirectly supporting Trump with Prime Day?

words by: Sahar Khraibani
Oct 9, 2020

Last week, @getlitfromwithin’s posted urging people to not partake in Amazon’s Prime Day: “Amazon announced that Amazon Prime Day will take place October 13-14. I would like to urge you NOT to participate in this. We do not need to be overwhelming the USPS with Amazon packages when they are trying to deal with election mail. Your purchase can wait.”


The post went viral with almost 30k likes, which made us realize that there may be something fishy going on with Amazon’s declaration that Prime Day would happen just a few weeks before the elections.


But, as it goes with these things, USPS responded, saying that the claims and the reasoning behind asking people to stop shopping with Amazon on Prime Day are unfounded, and not accurate.


A USPS spokesperson told Rolling Stone that these claims are not founded on any research and knowledge, explaining that packages are processed in an entirely different department and equipment than mail. Apparently, USPS are not anticipating any disruptions from Prime Day to sending and receiving ballots for the elections. The representative told Rolling Stone: “Delivering election mail is our number one priority, and we are 100 percent committed throughout the Postal Service to fulfilling our vital role in the nation’s electoral process by securely and timely delivering all ballots pursuant to our long-established processes and procedures. The U.S. Postal Service has the capacity to flex its nationwide processing and delivery network to meet surges in volume of mail and packages.”


In addition to this, Amazon offers two-day shipping on most items for Prime Members, which means that a majority of orders from Prime Day will be shipped out weeks before ballots are due. 


Though this makes sense, it is still a little concerning, when only recently, we’ve been hearing about ballots getting sent to wrong addresses, and people receiving other people’s ballots. So, maybe laying off on your purchases and not partaking in Amazon’s Prime Day—which is expected to generate around 7 billion US Dollars—is the way to go this year and moving forward. It is just another reminder that consumerism and capitalism are not doing us any good. @getlitfromwithin has also deleted the post.