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Apple’s new iOS 13.7 update introduces COVID-19 exposure notifications

Google rolls it out too.

words by: Sahar Khraibani
Sep 6, 2020

Both tech giants Apple and Google have kept their word regarding the planned roll-out announced earlier in the year of exposure notification technology, helping contact-tracing efforts for COVID-19.


The two companies have partnered to introduce these tools that are meant to make it easier for authorities and public health officials to quell the spread of the virus and contain it. And though many have expressed concerns over the breach in privacy, we can’t help but look forward to any concrete solution taken in order to combat the spread of the coronavirus


The plan was to create technology that won’t require people to download additional apps, hence making it accessible to as many people as possible. For that end, Apple has already begun with proposing the iOS 13.7 system update, launched on September 1, while Google is putting it into action by automatically generating an application on Android 6.0 later this month. 


This means that you won’t actually have to download a special app created by the public health authority, but rather will have easy and seamless access to it. Users will receive a notification providing information about the exposure notification system and what it is intended to do. 


Exposure notifications systems will provide Apple and Google with contact information, along with guidance about precautions and recommended next steps. Washington D.C., Maryland, Nevada and Virginia will have this feature rolling out first, with other states and countries likely to follow by the end of the year.