Apple has released its cheapest 5G iPhone yet

About time.

words by: Sahar Khraibani
Mar 20, 2022

In a move that shocked some of its fans and consumers, Apple released its most affordable 5G iPhone on March 18. Apple’s third-generation iPhone SE is upgraded, and goes for a lower price tag, kicking off a flood of new items from the company.


Apple had yet to refresh its entry-level iPhone SE so it was no surprise that the iPhone SE was set for an upgrade and fans expected and got 5G cellular capabilities. The new 4.7″ phone also received a chip upgrade in the form of the A15 chip, which is used in new iPhone 13 phones as well.


This move may be a strategic one for Apple, as their brand may need to create more affordable options for users who have long steered away from the shiny devices—due to the fact that they’re simply not affordable. With the potential addition of a model that is affordable, they’re opening up their market to an even bigger clientele.


Year after year, the bulk of buyers choose the more expensive iPhones, which cost between $700 and $1,100. For many of us, a phone is more than simply a phone, even if we have extra functions we rarely use. Instead, it’s an investment in how we intend to work, entertain ourselves, and communicate with our loved ones in the future.


​​All of this is to argue that Apple’s low-cost iPhone SE (which starts at $429 USD) is aimed at a certain demographic, the anti-consumer. This phone is for you if you’re unconcerned by gizmos like rapid cellular speed, and you assume that because smartphone technology has been available for so long, you should be paying less for it today, and you don’t care what the number of camera lenses or pixels on a screen says about your wealth to your friends and colleagues.


In a nutshell, the new iPhone is for individuals who want a simple phone that does its job well at a fair price. If that’s you, then you’re in for a treat.


Shop the new Apple iPhone SE now in Midnight, Starlight or (PRODUCT)RED from Apple directly in 64GB, 128GB and 256GB setups. You can also watch Apple’s full March unveiling event too.


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Photo via Apple