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Apple Maps can now help you find COVID-19 vaccination sites

A useful tool.

words by: Sahar Khraibani
Mar 28, 2021

In an attempt to get the entire country vaccinated by May so that we may reach the end of the pandemic, the tech world is finding ways to contribute to this mission through its own platforms. Apple has officially updated> its Maps feature to allow users to find nearby COVID-19 vaccination locations. Showcasing more than 20,000 vaccination locations across the nation, this effort is an attempt to make access to the vaccine more widespread across the U.S.


Apple shared that you can “Ask Siri or search within Apple Maps to find nearby COVID-19 vaccine providers throughout the US, with operating hours and links to important information.” They continued by saying “The Apple Maps place card for each vaccine site will include the operating hours, address, phone numbers, and a link to the provider’s website, where Maps users can learn more about available vaccines and book appointments. The initial rollout includes more than 20,000 locations, with Apple adding more sites in the coming weeks. Along with the data provided by VaccineFinder, healthcare providers, labs, or other businesses can submit information on COVID-19 testing or vaccination locations on the Apple Business Register page. Once validated, Apple may display information about the testing or vaccination locations to people using Apple services such as Apple Maps.”


To find the nearest location, users can simply tap on the search bar that boasts the COVID-19 Vaccination icon found under the “Find Nearby” menu. In order to further combat the spread of COVID-19, Apple Maps is working on mobility data trends tools that support a worldwide effort to mitigate the risk of the pandemic. This provides insights to local governments, showing areas most affected by changes in human traffic.


Photo via Apple