Apple is really harping on Privacy in their new updates

No one knows why as of now.

words by: Sahar Khraibani
Jul 2, 2022

Nowadays, many of us are seeking a better understanding of data privacy and security. With the introduction of iOS 15, Apple made numerous important improvements to the iPhone’s privacy. Since the release of iOS 15 in September, Apple has released a number of updates and iOS 15.5 is the most recent version.


One of the most significant developments in the new version of the OS is that it allows Android and PC users to have access to Apple’s FaceTime features for the first time. There are also updates to iMessage that make it easy to track photos and links that people send you.


However, most importantly, Apple’s new update has a slew of new security and privacy features that you can adjust in your settings as soon as you update your phone.


It seems that with iOS 15.5’s privacy updates, you have more control over the information you share with third parties and can see how your iPhone’s apps utilize it. These updated privacy settings may occasionally be able to limit the collection of your personal information. Although these privacy changes don’t significantly impact how you use your iPhone on a daily basis, with the possible exception of Siri, they modify how your Apple device communicates with the internet and third parties that are looking to collect and gather your personal information.


A great example is that one of the main privacy worries for voice assistants will be eliminated with iOS 15.5, according to Apple. Siri no longer sends your audio to servers for processing, unlike Amazon Alexa and almost all of its rivals. Instead, it will use the speech recognition technology built into your iPhone to interpret the sound of your voice.


That being said, it is good to stay reminded of the fact that Apple’s selling point has always been its privacy settings. This is essentially what sets the company apart from its competitors such as Meta and Google.


The majority of these new privacy updates are free. However, the updates don’t work on all iPhones, so you either have to get a newer iPhone or the most recent/current one.


Now, we don’t know what Apple’s motives are with the privacy updates, because after all, it is a little difficult to trust in large corporations at the moment, but regardless, it seems that these updates are making most people feel safer and with more protected data.


In other news, Apple has released its cheapest 5G iPhone yet.


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