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Apple smart glasses are coming soon, here’s what to expect

2023 gonna hit different.

words by: Sahar Khraibani
Nov 13, 2021


Apple Glass has the potential to revolutionize wearable computing. But, what are they, when will they be released, how much will they cost, and what features will they have? Here’s what we’ve learned so far.


What will it be?

Apple Glass, a futuristic wearable product that overlays images in the real world around you, might be one of the best inventions of our time. However, these kinds of inventions always come at a cost (Remember Google Glass?). While they have a VR headset in the works, Apple Glass is meant to be different.


When the rumors started going around about “Apple Glasses,” the general belief was that the glasses would be available this year. However, further information suggest that Apple’s augmented reality glasses may take a little bit more time. In fact, the release will not occur until 2022 and the earliest we’ll be able to see them is 2023. In any case, the project is unmistakably underway.


How will they work?

Apple Glass is rumored to run on Starboard (or possibly glassOS), a proprietary operating system first revealed in iOS 13’s final version. Apple is most likely testing activation and application because the augmented reality framework appears several times in code and text documents.


A new Apple Glass patent demonstrates how the company may secure users’ privacy in a variety of ways, including the use of a replaceable camera module. Apple’s “rings,” which are designed to capture finger and hand movements, are revealed in another patent. If they make it to production, those might significantly boost the capabilities of Apple Glasses. Clearly, the company is working on perfecting this product as much as they can before releasing it to the general public.


When will they arrive?

Apple’s mixed reality VR headset might launch as soon as next year and cost $1,000 — but the long-awaited Apple Glass won’t appear until 2023 at the earliest. Apple is getting closer to releasing a virtual reality headgear that will compete with the Oculus Rift 2. However, Apple Glass lenses has only just passed the prototype stage and entered trial production, an important milestone in bringing Apple’s wearable device to market.


All of this could be wrong – Apple Glasses could arrive sooner than we think. Some sources claim that Apple Glass will be announced before it is ready to ship, similar to how it took several months following its debut to sell the first-generation Apple Watch. Apple is rumored to want members of the press in attendance for the announcement, so it may have to wait till in-person tech events restart.


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