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Apple is adding COVID-19 vaccine cards to its Wallet

This may be our only option moving forward.

words by: Sahar Khraibani
Oct 13, 2021

Given that vaccination cards are now being required in most places, Apple will soon add the COVID-19 vaccination cards to its Wallet app, allowing users to provide evidence of vaccination using their iPhones and Apple Watches.



Businesses or venues might utilize the vaccination cards as a kind of identification, similar to how you can pull up credit cards or MetroCards in the Wallet app. Users can now link and store COVID-19 vaccination and test result information in the Health app, according to the iOS 15 release.


Apple has not stated when the Wallet integration would be available, but it will be part of an eventual iOS 15 software upgrade. Users will get a popup to “Add to Wallet and Health” while using the Wallet integration. When users attach their vaccination cards to the Health app on iOS 15, they should see a screen that shows which medical provider gave the vaccine, which vaccine they received, and when they received each dose.


You can access a digital card in their Wallet with vaccine information and a QR code that retailers can scan for confirmation on their device once they’ve been enrolled. The confirmation will appear on the merchant’s device for a short time but will not be saved permanently. This is not as simple as snapping a photo of your vaccination card to verify your medical data. Apple is offering three options for demonstrating verified proof of COVID-19 vaccinations.


Three options verifying proof of COVID-19 vaccination

Users can use Health Records on iPhone to upload their records via a QR code supplied by their provider, a downloaded file sent by their provider, or a connected healthcare facility. They may add them to the Health app in iOS 15 and, with a planned software update, to Apple Wallet as a vaccination card.


California, Louisiana, New York, Hawaii, and Virginia are among the states that use an Apple-compatible framework to provide verified immunization data.



Some people have contested this integration with concerns over privacy. When a user shows a vaccination card in Wallet, the complete details of the vaccination card are hidden until the user unlocks their iPhone using Face ID, Touch ID, or their passcode. If users desire to share verifiable immunizations and lab results, third-party apps will have access to the data. Third-party apps that have been approved are subject to restrictions and rigorous encryption measures.


According to Apple’s policy, developers of third-party apps are barred from utilizing data for advertising or selling it, and they must give a privacy policy and an option for users to request data erasure. This may be the only way to go moving forward to verify everyone’s vaccination status, though it may sound like an invasive update, I think we may no longer have other choices.


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