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Art finds a way: museums in China, South Korea, Japan are reopening


words by: Sahar Khraibani
Mar 23, 2020

We come bearing good news – we all need to hear some right now: after months of national museums closing to curb the outbreak, the shutdown in China, South Korea, and Japan has begun lifting. Many art institutions in these countries have announced their plans to reopen their doors to the public soon, and some have already gone back to normal operating hours (but under strict health measures).

500 miles away from Wuhan, Shanghai’s contemporary art museum, MoCA (which hosts the influential Shanghai Biennale) in addition to the Shanghai Museum, both reopened their doors this week, after being on lockdown since late January. And though the museums are taking stricter precautions (they’ve prepared quarantine areas on every floor in case of emergencies, occupancy is limited to 500 visitors per day, and all visitors will have their temperature taken) this is still the ray of hope that the world’s been waiting for. 



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In South Korea, The National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Arts will reopen its four locations on March 23, and Japan’s Kyoto City Kyocera Museum of Art will reopen on April 4 (you can schedule private previews on certain days in late March). 

Though museums in New York (and worldwide) have been closed, this news comes as a reassurance that things will get better. In the meantime, virtual tours will have to suffice.  So, hang on tight, and see you somewhere on the third floor of the MoMA when all this ends.