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Where to get Mercer + Prince, A$AP Rocky’s new Whisky

Named after two iconic NYC streets.

words by: Kayla Carmicheal
Apr 7, 2022

Grammy-nominated musician and entrepreneur, A$AP Rocky, recently announced his newest venture: A line of premium Canadian blended whisky, Mercer + Prince. According to the website, the name comes from two “iconic cross streets in New York City, where people from all walks of life come together.”


For years, the creative has been trying to develop a whisky brand that was innovative, yet approachable to consumers—one that speaks to him and customers. The only hang-up has been finding partners that align with his vision. Luckily, he found an ideal match with Global Brand Equities and E. & J. Gallo, who are known for Mason No. 9, Sunny Vodka, and Gallo Family Wine, respectively.


Rocky says, “It was difficult to find partners willing to innovate to the level I envisioned. Fortunately, I found those partners in Global Brand Equities and Gallo.” He adds that while he aims for Mercer + Prince to be unique, he still wants to honor the industry traditions picked up over the last 10 years while traveling the world and learning about whisky.


“Born at the intersection of art and culture,” Mercer + Prince, admittedly, sounds layered and delicious. It’s twice distilled, and made in Canada. The drink is aged for at least 4 years in American white oak, which is why it smells slightly sweet, with notes of fruit, vanilla, and caramel. The whisky is also influenced by Japan’s Mizunara Oak, adding a distinct rich baking spice. That’s already intriguing, but the innovation doesn’t stop there.



What’s definitely impressive about this one is the bottle design, creative and eye-catching on its own. Built for the true utilitarian, you can use it for more than a cool display—the bottle itself contains two glasses. One is on top, encasing the cap, and the other can be found on the bottom. Vertically or horizontally, use the bottle however you like.



The bottle’s design, made by Rocky himself, paired with its ultra-modern label, equals the total package for today’s consumer. As he notes, “Mercer + Prince is smooth in taste, disruptive in packaging, and close to my heart in name. It’s accessible to all and appeals to a diverse audience, which was very important to me.”



Where can you cop a bottle for yourself? Hit up ReserveBar and Mercer + Prince’s website to see if your state is one of the 28 that it can be shipped to. If not, expect it to start popping up on shelves this summer. And if you’re worrying about this one breaking the bank, don’t—the retail price sits at a cool $32, meaning it’s as affordable as it is innovative.


Please drink responsibly and legally. If you’re committed to staying dry and sober, here’s some resources to help.


Photos via Mercer + Prince