We are finally getting an Asian Iron Fist comic book from Marvel

It’s time for Danny Rand to kick rocks and step aside for the real Iron Fist.

words by: Alee Kwong
Feb 1, 2022

Over the past the 50 years, Marvel comic book fans have only known Danny Rand as the Iron Fist. However, things about to change in a very big (and long overdue) way. Starting this month, we will finally see the Immortal Iron Fist as he was always meant to be — Asian. While we don’t have the full details on the identity of the new Asian Iron Fist, series writer Alyssa Wong provided some hints that led to the passing of the mantle, along with new character designs showing off this new Iron Fist’s redesigned costume.


“I am so excited to be writing an Asian Iron Fist!” Wong toldĀ IGN. “That’s something that a lot of people have wanted to see for a long time, myself included, and it feels special to be entrusted with that opportunity. We have seen Iron Fists of Asian descent before, like Wu Ao-Shi and Pei, but as supporting characters in Danny Rand’s story (and in the case of past Immortal Iron Fists, all long dead). Having a new Iron Fist take the lead represents a new chapter for the Iron Fist legacy–not erasing decades of comics history, but building on it.”



Wong added, “Danny Rand as Iron Fist first appeared in 1974, inspired by Kung-Fu films. What does it look like to become an Iron Fist in 2021, almost fifty years later (in real time, not comics time)? It has to be different. Every Iron Fist’s journey is different, because they’re different people born in different eras. It’s definitely something I’m exploring in this run.”


Wong also made it a point to mention that Marvel isn’t making any plans to omit Danny Rand’s time as the Iron Fist. “I also know there are many people for whom Iron Fist is incredibly important,” she said. “I never want to discount that. I hope that this story will speak to those who have loved Danny for years, as well as folks who have never read an Iron Fist comic but are aching to see a character they can relate to. Everyone deserves the chance to see themselves in the comics they love.”


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Photos via Marvel and Netflix