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Astrology is confusing, so here’s a cheat sheet to get you started

Six things to pay attention to.

words by: Alee Kwong
Feb 28, 2021

There’s a good chance that within the past year or so you’ve been asked about your birth chart. A lot of moms got texts and phone calls last year asking for the birth time listed on their birth certificate. Horoscopes have seen a huge rise in popularity and some people have gone as far as to fully map out their dating life based on their birth chart and calculate precise compatibility. If you don’t know what your birth chart looks like, I like to use this astrology website. Someone has probably recommended you download Co-Star, to which I will rebuttal and tell you to delete it. Co-Star is one of the worst astrology apps with misinformation, the omission of certain aspects of your chart, and it just downright bullies people.


Now that you have your birth chart, what does it all mean? You haven’t had to think about planets since you learned about space in middle school, and there was no mention of Geminis being two-faced or Scorpios being iron-clad secret keepers in the curriculum. Don’t worry, you only need to know six signs and these six signs should help you keep up with all the astro-talk. Here’s our astrology cheat sheet.


1. The Ascendant – Who you really are

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You really thought your sun sign was who you really are, huh? Sike. It’s your rising sign. Your rising sign is determined by your birth time, which is why it’s so important that you get this as accurate as possible. Without going into too much of the confusing details, your rising sign is what kicks off the rest of your birth chart and basically calls the shots when it comes to horoscope sign/planet placements.


2. The Sun – Your core and what drives you

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You are most likely very well-acquainted with your sun sign. Again, your sun sign is NOT your sole identity! Your sun sign is the light inside of you that drives you and is your life essence. Not to be confused with the function of your rising sign, being who you really are, think of your sun sign as the fuel to your rising sign.


3. The Moon – Who you are when you are alone/how you deal with emotions

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In my opinion, someone’s moon sign is the most interesting and important to me (probably because I am a Cancer sun and I place a lot of value on how people handle and process their emotions). People who know you on an emotionally intimate level (friends, family, partners) will have a VIP pass to your moon sign and the behaviors it entails. Our moon signs deal with inner thoughts/emotions and the way we take care of them and those emotional processes dictate how we actively take care of ourselves.


4. Mercury – How we communicate

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OK, not going to lie, I love this one too. I swear, knowing someone’s Mercury sign has helped me better communicate with people and avoid arguments. I also find that nurturing my Mercury sign has made me a better communicator and has given me a signature-style of communication that I am now well-known for amongst my peers. Anyway, you get the gist of it. Mercury rules communication and our preferred style of communication.


5. Venus – The way we show love/pursue relationships

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Venus is a good sign to know if you are constantly being asked about your birth chart on dates. A lot of us were lead to believe that our sun signs indicated compatibility, but in actuality, that determination rests on the shoulders of the Venus/Mars signs. Venus rules the way we show love, the way we flirt, and the outlook we have on relationships. It’s always fun to read the stereotypes of each sign for this planet, so I highly encourage you to do that.


6. Mars – The way we fight/how we are at work

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Mars is the God of War, so naturally, this indicated how we display our aggression. “Aggression” is a word I like to use very lightly when speaking about Mars because the first thing people think about when I say “aggression” is just full send fist-fighting and yelling. Aggression can be executed in the traditional sense, in that our Mars sign gives us a look at what our deposition is during a fight, but it can also be seen in the passion we show when we are working.