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This Black designer is opening up a luxury durag store

It’ll be located in Los Angeles on Melrose Avenue.

words by: Natasha Marsh
Aug 18, 2020

Atira Lyons, a 20-year-old Black fashion designer just announced her upcoming opening of the world’s first luxury durag store. Located on the famous Melrose Avenue, in Los Angeles, the store will have high fabric quality durags in blacks, nudes and browns. 


It’s really exciting to see a space for durags and headwraps. Especially when for so long they were seen as “ghetto” by people who didn’t understand the features of the fabric — often the Black community’s go to for waves and moisturized curls. 


On Twitter, Atira shares, “the durags [were] just to get you in the door” suggesting that a wider product offering is soon to come. And we wouldn’t be surprised either, Lyons is known for her swimsuits and has plans to release a furniture collection as well. 


We love to see it. If you happen to be in LA, the store officially opens September 4th.


Photo via Atira Lyons Label