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This new candle smells like fresh sneakers out of the box

For the diehard sneakerheads.

words by: Sahar Khraibani
Feb 21, 2021

Authentique by eBay is a new candle fragranced with the scent of new, authentic sneakers. Whether you’re a sneakers buff or not, we can all agree that there’s truly nothing like the scent of a new pair of kicks.


Some people are avid consumers of sneakers, buying at least a pair every week, but for those who love sneakers and can’t really afford to splurge on them every single week, this new candle is sure to satisfy that new sneaker smell everyone loves. Authentique was designed to smell exactly like a brand new pair of DS sneakers: with scents of EVA foam, glue, warm leather, and a touch of cotton blossom. This smell can now fill your home and make you feel as though you’ve just unboxed a beautifully brand new pair of kicks. The candle is produced in a small batch, making it a limited edition item from eBay’s memorabilia. It comes packaged in a sneaker box, which is inspired by the designs of a sporting label.


Authentique dropped the candle on a dedicated website recently for $25 USD and it quickly sold out. We hope a restock comes soon.



Photo via Authentique