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Have you heard of Autonomous’ minimalist work pod?

This is the future.

words by: Sahar Khraibani
Feb 17, 2022

The Autonomous Pod of Productivity or Play, measuring 98-square-feet, is now in production. Just over a year ago, Autonomous, the technological productivity and work-from-home experts, were working on a “monastically inspired” workspace designed for one, a minimalist freestanding structure pre-wired for productivity and entertainment tools, but also outfitted with comforts like air conditioning, heating, and lighting. Now, they’re returning with a similar architectural endeavor aimed at extending living and working space into the garden.


The multipurpose Pod, like its more productivity-focused sister, the WorkPod, loses the “work” from its name, but retains a level of versatility while adding several amenities. The compact angled roof structure is also designed to be put together fast and easily with only a few basic construction skills in approximately a day (with the help of four people).


The Pod has the amenities of a refuge, rather than a location of necessity, with pre-installed inputs for centralized heating and cooling, overhead lighting, and an integrated ventilation system. The work/play vibes are completed by an integrated bookshelf, a tiny step-up deck, and an interior electrical cabinet.


Floor-to-ceiling glass doors and a trio of vertical slit windows encourage natural light and a look into the Pod’s interior. The construction is created with a layered combination of plywood, a solid wooden frame, insulation foam, bitumen, and a composite wood covering, which adds two more layers to the previous Zen WorkPod requirements. This sandwich of materials, according to Autonomous, provides a sturdy and well-insulated interior that can “withstand fluctuating weather patterns year-round.”


Additional enhancements have been implemented beneath the surface, which will appeal to individuals whose backyards aren’t quite precisely leveled. The entire structure is supported by a 4-ton adjustable base system that can be lifted up to 4.5 inches for uneven terrain.


The maker suggests a variety of uses to underscore the Pod’s versatility as an extension of the home: Backyard office, meditation area, art studio, guest house, fun room, gaming room, kid’s headquarters, or “small house” Airbnb rental are all presented to inspire thoughts of more usable space.


Those in need of a little more space will have to part with $19,000 USD (on sale from $21,000) for the complete Pod kit (shipping is included, and the entire unit is covered with a 3-year warranty). The all-in-one home office is estimated to be shipped by April 20. Head over to Autonomous to check it out for yourself.


For those who don’t have an extra $20k laying around, here’s some tips to avoid going crazy while working from home.


Photo via Autonomous