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Would you drop $1,800 on a Balenciaga x Lay’s bag?!

 Are you willing to chip into your savings?

words by: Natasha Marsh
Nov 11, 2022

I’ve had the pleasure of traveling to multiple cities this year to celebrate the union of friends joining in marriage. With the 4 I-do’s I was in, I got an inside look into the cost of weddings — from the clothes, to the venue, dinner, cake, photographer, and more. I was shocked to find the financial commitment that goes into one day. As someone that is uncomfortable spending more than $250 on a really good pair of shoes, I wondered if I’d ever be willing to deplete my entire savings account on an event that lasted for 6-8 hours. Apparently, this is the opposite mentality at Balenciaga, the luxury brand, that just released a potato chip bag for $1,800.


In collaboration with Frito-Lay brand Lay’s, the French fashion house unveiled the bag at Summer 2023’s “The Mud Show,” crafted by Spanish artist Santiago Sierra and creative director Demna. Unlike the average $3 chips, this clutch is far more expensive.


Made of leather, they come in traditional crinkle texture with a graphic that shows the classic Balenciaga branding. Available in a plethora of colors, it has a simple zip closure at the top and truly looks like a bag of chips you’d get while grocery shopping.



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Unsurprisingly, social media had a field day with the news, with Diet Prada being a main hub for critique.



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The comments range from “At this point I think Balenciaga is a social experiment,” to “Please just don’t.” Other fans and nay-sayers were more outraged and enthusiastic in their comments: “Leave these stunts to moschino. You are losing audience,” one Instagrammer wrote. “The lowest depths of crass commercialism,” garnered 71 likes; while “How is this designer claiming to be upset about the state of the world then go to elevate Lays chips who everyone was boycotting because of working conditions. The call is coming from inside the house 😮‍💨,” gathered 241 likes.


Critics who have not shared their personal opinion, deem the bag to become fashion’s most viral accessory. Although some might hate it, Balenciaga has a way with making common household objects (Think: Their viral trash bag bag) a thing, so honestly, only time will tell.


But for the real question: In the name of couture, do you want to cop this fashion accessory? And more importantly, would you spend someone’s monthly rent or salary on it? In case you’re wondering, the bag will be available early next summer.


We covered the rumor of this collab not too long ago — to see it come to light is wild, but not too unexpected. And while we’re at it, remember their Crocs collab?


Photo via Balenciaga