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Unconventional learning for Barbers: attend conventions

4 reasons to hit the road for a show.

words by: Thugwife
Aug 30, 2021

A few weeks ago, a long forgotten dream was realized. A day all of us in the industry were unsure would happen again. Jay Majors kicked off convention season with the first barbering convention in North America post lockdown and the biggest barber conference in the world; The CT Barber Expo.


The FOMO from this side of the border was real as everyone dusted off, pulled out and posted up their best outfits on IG for the 10th anniversary and the famous Barber Grammy’s. 


Conventions have always been my favorite method of learning as a barber. If you’re a new barber, this is why you should consider attending conventions.



There is an abundance of learning methods and educators available to you at conventions. Typically, there is a period outside of regular convention operating hours dedicated to education or private access classes, as well as platform artists during operating hours, on top of artists demoing in booths. There is no shortage of inspiration in sight.



Whether it’s a chance to chop it up with like-minded artists or shake hands with a brand executive, when you continually suit up and show up, people will remember you and opportunities will come calling.



Many booths offer special deals on products and services at conventions. Occasionally there is early access to new products dropping or at least a chance to get ahead on the list. It is also a chance to try holding tools in your hand and seeing what feels like the right fit for you before spending money on your moneymakers.



I must admit my favorite reason of all to attend conventions is that it never feels like working. Striving to be your best and continually learning is hard work and takes dedication, but it always feels more fun and a lot more inspirational when you have a change of scenery and everlasting memories.


Photo via CT Barber Expo/Hartford Courant