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Every Barber needs these Tools in their Kit 

New set of tools, new set of rules.

words by: Thugwife
May 20, 2021

Everyone has to start somewhere. This is where you start. We’ve put together a list of the tools you’ll need to jump start your barber career. Good luck!


Barber Tool Kit


For them.

A Cape

Not too heavy and hot. The clear ones are weird. Ensure they aren’t too tight around the neck and they fit any size. Some cape suggestions.


Neck Strips

Some of y’all don’t use them and your capes don’t fit, so the hair goes all down the client’s neck. Protect ya neck.


Clipper Disinfectant

Keep your shit clean, don’t be that guy (or girl). It’s a damn pandemic, sure, but you know what else has always been out there? Yuck.


A Brush

For wiping your clients. Hair in your mask sucks, hair on your face in general is itchy and uncomfortable. Don’t let it happen.


For you.


The most often forgotten but truly needed. Keep your machines running smoothly.



What kind depends on what you feel most comfortable working with. Forget the flash because they all do the same thing; cut hair. What matters more is what you can do with them. Here’s a few clipper suggestions.


Cordless options offer less movement restriction, just make sure you begin your tasks with a full battery. You’ll feel when they’re starting to lose charge.




For your clippers and your heart. You just need to listen to other peoples’ problems, you are not obligated to fix them.


A Fade Brush

It really does make a difference in the light, the cleaner you are.



Closer to the skin, good for lining edges.



“iT’S nOt a FaDe iF yOu DoN’T uSe THe bALdeR” The closest you can get to the skin, but it does cause some people irritation. Ask before using.


Alcohol Spray

The more they complain, the more you should spray for the antibacterial properties.




I like to keep a clipper comb, multiple length cutting combs, and a pick. Choose whatever size feels best in your hand.



There’s definitely some aerodynamics to the different metals. Do your own research but most notably, only cut hair with them; cutting other objects will mess them up.


Blending Shears

The ones with the teeth.


Straight Blades

If you a real one, you know what to do with it.



Secure your money makers. As a barber on the go, I always had to readjust my clippers after traveling from all the movement in my case. Investing in By Appt Only’s Sidekick was the best thing I ever did to take care of my tools and travel in style and comfort.



Photos via Thugwife