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Taking care of your body as a Barber

words by: Thugwife
Dec 14, 2020

Hero’s that don’t wear their own cape. Busy barbers spend all day taking care of their clients, here are some well-known but often forgotten ways to infuse some self-care into yourself.


Drink plenty of fluids

It’s troublesome enough going all day without sitting down to eat, but at the very least make sure to hydrate. Coffee does count but 2 Americanos won’t have the same benefits as 2 liters of water. 


Proper footwear

I know modern day barbers love their hype beast kicks but I can’t stress enough the importance of proper orthopedic care to keep your body in alignment. At the very least invest in some proper insoles. 



You may be tired after a day of standing but a short 30 minutes of exercise is beneficial for the mind and body. Having a physical outlet for your energy to flow aids in weight management causing less stress on your body, can improve your quality of sleep, and improve joint pain and stiffness. 


Massage therapy

It helps to reduce muscle tension, improve circulation, reduce stress hormones, improve joint mobility and flexibility, and of course, relax. 


For those that experience neck and lower back pain, take it a step further and explore chiropractic options. An adjustment can significantly reduce pain while saving you from future chronic pain and reducing inflammation in the body.