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Barbershop of the month is Glassbox

Do it for the 6.

words by: Team ULTRA
May 21, 2018

It’s almost summer. The streets are buzzing. There’s an energy about the city of Toronto that is difficult to describe, but when you feel it you know it. Maybe the energy of The Six is so hot right now because of the rap god himself–Drake. Or maybe the city of Toronto is still riding the Raptors’ success. But just when you thought that’s as dope as Toronto gets, nah man, the city gets even better–the iconic streetwear brand SUPREME has given the Six its stamp of approval with a slew of limited edition products featured in their 2017 collection.

Located in the Palmerston neighborhood of Toronto, Glassbox offers a clear view of where men’s grooming is going. Dylan and Peter–the masterminds behind Glassbox–are dead set on doing one thing only: carving out their own lane within this booming industry. With about 15 employees, Glassbox is able to cultivate a highly curated experience for each guest. Upon entering the shop, you’ll be greeted by their friendly receptionist who might offer you some cognac or the opportunity to shoot some pool while waiting to get groomed. Indeed, the space is fully stocked with some top-shelf spirits and a pool table, designed to leave guests feeling like they’re inside an artist’s studio while also giving them a clear view of the urban life and nature that surrounds them.

The crew themselves are masters of invention and creative style all while leaving the radical cuts at the door. Instead, they focus on simply shaping the domes of some of Toronto’s most elite with a primary focus on structure, technique, attention to every small detail, and great customer service. This is why the groomers at Glassbox are considered game changers in the industry. With such a high level of artistry and craftsmanship, we’re honored to name Glassbox our shop of the month.