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PSA: Beard Dandruff exists — here’s how to avoid it

Don’t ruin a great beard.

words by: Natasha Marsh
Jun 21, 2021

As amazing as some beards might be (hi, David Beckham), they could be hiding a dark secret: beard dandruff. Similar to facial dandruff, beard dandruff is caused by dry, non-moisturized skin that will fleck and flake.


Beard dandruff affects even the most expert facial hair personas because it’s sneaky and not easily detectable until it appears. Aka, there is no transition from well moisturized beards to dry beards. The main reason being that the hair in the beard acts as a barrier on the face and prevents your regular skincare regimen from keeping the face smooth and nourished.


If this sounds like you, you’re not alone. And although misery loves company, here’s some ways to get rid of active icky flaking happening in your beard, while preventing the skin from further flakes.


Exfoliate with a beard brush

Exfoliate before showering to eliminate any dead cells. Invest in a good beard brush to tame strays, detangle knots and distribute oils.


Cleanse with a lactic-acid cleanser

Although acid might sound aggressive, this is exactly what you need here. The beard brush will work to lift ready-to-flake skin from your face and the cleanser will do the rest to remove dead skin cells. The result? Flake-free, fresh-faced skin.


Moisturize with a beard oil

Typically, when you moisturize your face you use some type of lotion or moisturizer. Unfortunately for beards, a goopy moisturizer would leave a lot of residue, so use a beard oil as an alternative.


It will hydrate the skin in the same way and most have antioxidants that will nourish and soften facial hair. The oil will seep past the hair and coat the skin, preventing further flaking. And remember, a little bit goes a long way here: opt for one to two pumps only. Comb through if necessary to have an even distribution throughout the beard.


Honestly if you’ve gone through the trouble of growing out a beard, why overshadow all your hard work with dandruff. To make sure your beard continues to be in tip-top shape, follow our handy guide on beards.


Photo via J. Best