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Do I need a Beard roller?

It’s an extra step that can really help your beard.

words by: Natasha Marsh
Mar 10, 2022

In the beauty industry, women have been using jade rollers and derma rollers for years as tools for skin care concerns like hyperpigmentation and scarring. Jade rollers are known to be really cool to touch, and have the ability to brighten complexion, reduce puffiness, stimulate lymphatic drainage, and promote blood circulation.


And although jade rollers can be used by men as well, there is a specific tool for men with beards. Enter: The beard derma roller. A derma roller is a cylinder-shaped head spiked with tiny needles attached to a handle that will roll across parts of your face.


The result is small little holes into the surface layer of the skin that will stimulate the skin’s natural formation of collagen. The tool traditionally was only used for in-office procedures with a dermatologist or aesthetician, but thanks to gadgets and the pandemic, at-home treatments are now available. People are claiming that beard rollers help stimulate beard growth and provide lush, full beards. But what exactly is a beard roller?


Experts say a beard roller is similar to at-home micro-needling devices. Similar to traditional derma rollers, it has small needles on its surface and has a larger head. Essentially, when you roll the beard roller over the skin, it will create small puncture wounds. These small wounds then signal an injury response to the skin to increase collagen production. Beard rollers feature 540 titanium needles to create thousands of micro holes to make serums and moisturizers penetrate and absorb deeply to optimize follicle growth and repair.


Some experts are skeptical about the efficacy of beard rollers, and say there is not enough evidence to prove that they will promote beard growth. However, if you do try one at home, make sure to look at the size of the needle. The size should be between 0.25 mm and 0.75 mm. The 0.5 should be used once or twice a week, whereas smaller ones, like 0.25, can be used more often. Most experts recommend using it twice a week with a serum to activate collagen and keratin synthesis, increase cell proliferation, and enhance metabolic activity of the cells.


It’s important to wash the roller before treatment and sanitize it with rubbing alcohol. Avoid applying too much pressure while using the roller, and roll back and forth in both directions in various planes for a more consistent pattern for the beard. A good rule of thumb to follow is roll 10 times. Remember to lift the roller when changing directions to avoid injury.


In terms of the aftercare, most experts recommend applying a hyaluronic acid serum to hydrate and plump the beard area skin to prevent irritation. Essentially, you want healthy skin for healthy beard hair.


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