Turn your bedroom into the ultimate comfort zone this holiday season

words by: Sahar Khraibani
Dec 1, 2020

I can’t stress this enough, now more than ever, it is important to make sure that you have the perfect space to rest your head at night. We’ve all been living in a pandemic for way too long, and it’s starting to get more and more appealing to work from your bed, but trust me when I say this, fight the urge, and you will reap the benefits at the end.


Having a soothing bedroom is one of the most important aspects of WFH and quarantine life (now that it seems as though we may be back on full lockdown soon). Here are some tips on how to create a peaceful oasis to unwind and encourage relaxation with both the look and the feel. 


Choose the perfect mattress

If you want my advice, (and you may because quarantine has turned me into a Feng Shui guru), don’t skimp out on the mattress. It is definitely an expense, but one that your body and back will be so thankful for. Setting the perfect stage for a restful slumber can be difficult and cumbersome, but there are many easy ways to do it. Pick a mattress that is firm, I recommend to steer away from memory foam, as it damages your spine structure over time.


Pick the best duvet covers

Softness is key. Check out our guide for the best duvet covers that won’t break the bank. It is so important to choose something that is breathable, crisp, and not too heavy. You want your body to be able to move freely at night.


Perfect your pillow game

Pillows of course, are a matter of preference. But no matter what you prefer or are partial to, pick a pillow that would mold to accommodate your every move. Wake up with a neck pain? That’s because of your pillow. So do some research, and pick the best ones for sleeping. I normally have four pillows on my bed, for added comfort and coziness, but you do you.  

Set the scene

Much like preparing for a party, back in the days when we could, it is so important to set the scene. Your body picks up on visual cues, so lighting is perennial. Pick soft lights, and have a special lighting system for nighttime. Nothing is more annoying than strong lights for both your eyes and your psyche. If lighting is not your thing, invest in some soothing candles. Get your scent game on too.


After doing these steps, rest your head on that comfortable pillow and enjoy a blissful night of sleep. It will go a long long way.