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These are hands down the best Hair Products for men

4 of the top options out there.

words by: Sahar Khraibani
Sep 30, 2020

2020 has surprisingly offered great grooming products for a year that’s been plagued with a pandemic, looming doomsday elections, and a planet that has been blundered and abused time and time again. But all these factors may be the reason why the industry of grooming has been on the rise: while most adults are working from home, time spent on grooming that is usually skipped has been expanded. Additionally, the industry has turned to more eco-friendly options, so here we have the best hair products for men in 2020. 


Oribe styling cream

Using styling cream is meant for men who have longer hair, we’re talking three inches or longer. This perfect styling cream can be used on days when you want feather-light hair that flows. Creams are definitely better than not wearing anything at all, it helps you sway your hair in a specific direction without having it feel forced or fake – the look is very natural. Massage a small dab into your hair and run it over any flyaways. The Oribe styling cream is made for both straight and curly hair.


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BluMaan hair paste

This versatile men’s matte hair paste can turn any messy head into a literal head turner. Hair paste is normally used for dry hair, and gives medium hold with a light shine. It adds texture and definition to short hair and medium styles and is definitely worth having around. The plus side is that it can give the impression of more hair, so you’ve literally got more to gain than to lose. 


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American Crew firm hold gel

This firm hold styling gel provides very high hold with a high shine, prevents flaking, avoids drying the hair and scalp, and allows for easier distribution through hair. Generally, gels are best kept as a reserve product, to use only occasionally, something for touch-up or a really bold look. But this specific gel gives you the effect you want while giving you a natural look, so it’s worth a try. 


Buy it from Ulta for $15


V76 hair wax

Wax is very different from gels: the V76 hair wax gives light shine and soft hold for natural style with movement. The soybean wax it contains softens the hair and provides hold while the wild geranium extract balances the oil on the scalp and provides hydration and nutrition to your hair follicles. On the plus side, this product is vegan and cruelty-free, and is perfect for use as a finishing coat on longer, frizzy hair. 


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