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Looking for a new room spray? Here’s our favorites

Spray away.

words by: Sahar Khraibani
Jan 25, 2022

Room sprays are the simplest method to upgrade your living space. You might not notice your home’s smell, but others may. If your home (or apartment, business, or dorm room) smells nice, everyone will want to come over.


Maybe you’re not a fan of candles, and that’s fine. Large perfumed wax clumps aren’t for everyone. But, before your next house visitor arrives, an excellent room spray is the answer to a quick-scented refresh. Consider it a house cologne, with multiple notes working together to create a multi-layered scent. Here are the greatest room sprays to transform your space.


Caldrea basil, blue sage, & linen room spray

If you haven’t done laundry for weeks, and miss that fresh clean smell, this is for you. Opening a window on the first day of spring smells like this bright herbal perfume. It’s basically the grown man’s Febreze–basil, rosemary, sage oils, and a hint of citrus. It’s also designed to work on fabrics, so don’t be afraid to use it on your couch cushions and bed linens.

Buy it from Caldrea for $15


Diptyque Baies/berries room spray

Diptyque’s best-selling room spray has the same potency as a garden-fresh bouquet of roses, but without the wilting and limited shelf life.

Buy it from Net-A-Porter for $68


L’Objet Rose Noir room spray

L’Objet’s meticulously produced home items are certainly recognizable to you, and you’ve probably seen them in so many fancy places. The Rose Noir room spray, which is blended with notes of pimento berry, rose, and white pepper, is a great match for any of the brand’s high-end furniture, and comes in a sleek glass bottle that doubles as a design item in its own right.

Buy it from Bergdorf Goodman for $75


Frédéric Malle Cafe society perfume gun

Frédéric Malle, the legendary perfumer, has spent decades perfecting his trade. Patchouli, amber, and a few well-placed notes of lavender combine in this scent to transform your living space into a softly lit, velvet-lined parlor tucked away on the backstreets of Paris’ ninth district. Looking for a high-end room freshener that can compete with the most expensive colognes on your nightstand? Then look no further.

Buy it from Saks Fifth Avenue for $195


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