Best travel hacks for a creative on the go

8 things to do for a smoother trip.

words by: Sahar Khraibani
Jan 31, 2020

We’ve compiled some tried-and-tested travel hacks for you. This list will make you feel like a pro – no more fumbling around right before a flight or feeling uncomfortable on the airplane. 


Bring a pillowcase

The biggest rookie mistake is to bring a pillow with you. If you’re looking to save space, pack a pillow case instead. If you’re ever in a pickle and need a comfy pillow, just stuff some soft clothes in the case and go to town. You can also use the pillowcase to save space in your luggage by compressing clothes and puffy jackets.


Mark your stuff as fragile

This one is definitely the sneakiest, but yields the best results. You’ll thank us for it later. By marking your luggage as “fragile” you’ll get your luggage first and the airline workers will be extra careful with your goods. It’s so worth it!


Try peppermint essential oil.

Some of our friends carry a small bottle of peppermint essential oil with them on flights. Apparently, the oil works wonders for clearing any nausea you might have during a flight, and helps with odors on the plane. Dab a few drops onto a napkin and take a sniff to clear your sinuses. We love this travel-friendly Peppermint Halo Wand by Saje. 


Use a hydrating face spray

This AMOREPACIFIC face spray, which comes in a TSA-approved 2.7 ounce bottle, contains bamboo sap so it is sure to keep you hydrated and moisturized throughout your flight. 


When it comes to packing…


Wear the heavy thing as part of your travel outfit

If you’re travelling with a carry-on, wear your heaviest items on the flight. Boots, sneakers, heavy jackets – these take up so much space. Don’t worry about being encumbered with them, you can use your jacket as extra seat padding on the plane.


Use packing cubes

Nothing makes us feel more organized than dividing our belongings into color-coded cubes. There’s no better feeling than actually knowing exactly where everything you brought is as soon as you open your suitcase. Try these compression cubes from Eagle Creek.


Bring half of what you initially packed

This packing hack is the most overlooked one. Start by packing everything you’d like to take with you, and then remove half of it from your suitcase. This trick really helps with figuring out what you actually need for a trip. 


Roll, don’t fold

Everyone overpacks, it’s a given, but there are ways that you can actually fit everything in your luggage. Rolling your clothes instead of folding them is one of the best solutions for you overpackers out there. Rolled clothes take up less space, and will leave room for your other essentials.