Best watches for under $400

9 options to choose from.

words by: Team ULTRA
Dec 30, 2019

Is your wrist cold? 

Most of us probably can’t afford a Rolex, and even if you could, would you dish out the bucks? 10K + for a time-telling bracelet seems like overkill. However, the right wrist-watch can signal status, style, and prove to be a subtle flex. There are plenty of affordable, and high-quality options which won’t break the bank.

It may take you a paycheck or two, but these are some the best watches for under $400, according to GQ.   



Blue is the new black — you heard it here first.



A classic, safe bet.

Breda “Vigil”


For the bolder type; this shit makes a statement.


Seiko 5



For the traditionalists whose wallet can’t keep up with their taste, this one is sure to impress at whichever finance or law firm you work for.


Apple Watch Series 3


The Apple Watch is virtually uniform for the tech industry, better not be caught without it, especially if you live in San Francisco.



Real men rock yellow — it’s science.



Grandfather drip.


MoMa Blend


What time is it? No idea, this is just a flex.



While this flirts with the budget line, the M37 is understated, flexible, and can match any look. Simple never goes out of style.



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