Beyoncé and Drake are releasing Club Music, and I’m dancing

It’s okay to have fun.

words by: Kayla Carmicheal
Jun 26, 2022

If you were to tell me you haven’t heard Beyoncé’s new single yet, I’d say that’s pretty hard to believe. Even though the song dropped June 21, you can’t turn on the radio or the morning news without hearing it in the background. Same goes for Drake’s new album, Honestly, Nevermind, which came out the June 17.


Naturally, everyone is talking about “Break My Soul,” the house-inspired futuristic lead single from Bey’s 7th solo studio album, Renaissance. The song definitely sounds and feels like a new beginning for her. Though she worked on the song with longtime collaborator, The-Dream (“6 inch,” “Love On Top,” “Run The World,” and my personal favorites, “XO,” and “Part II,”) this sound is incredibly different from what we’re used to.



As for reception, “Break My Soul” has people slightly confused. Similarly, Honestly, Nevermind‘s, reviews are mixed. Either you love how “Texts Go Green” is laced with reverb and topped with “oontz-oontz,” or you hate it. After a second listen, I think it’s pretty fun for what it’s doing.


Both releases lyrically carry the message of freedom, doing what feels right, and putting that under the beat of the club. Drake says that HN is about him doing whatever he wants (we can tell), and Beyoncé’s lyrics point to the very meaning of a renaissance: Rebirth, resurgence, and causing a movement that shifts the norm.


For instance, on the bridge, Bey says, “I’m takin’ my new salvation/And I’ma build my own foundation, yeah/Got motivation (Motivation)/I done found me a new foundation, yeah.” The addition of EDM legend Big Freedia to the outro is the icing on the cake.



It’s interesting though, to see how house music sprang from nowhere all of a sudden. The last 2 years, popular music has been on a disco/70s kick—see Silk Sonic and Lizzo—but now, it seems like the leaders in the industry are switching gears, and I’m here for it.


There’s been talk on the internet about how people don’t dance in the clubs anymore. Maybe these new projects are just what’s needed to get people to move again.


Besides, it’s summer. What’s the point of being outside (safely) if we can’t have fun while we’re at it?


See y’all at Rolling Loud New York.


Photo via Drake