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Billie Eilish helped design the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics logo

Along with 34 other variations.

words by: Sahar Khraibani
Sep 19, 2020

The idea of moving past 2020 is exhilarating on its own. And although the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics are some eight years away, the creative committee have already begun announcing initiatives to promote the return of the Olympics to the United States. 


This planning will bring with it a wide array of merchandise, spanning Nike and The Hundreds, which are already available for purchase. The merch already features the brand new logo that was commissioned with the help of many LA creatives, including Billie Eilish.


In an interview with Rolling Stone, Eilish declares “That’s everybody all over the world coming together eight years from now. I’m looking forward to that.” And we are too.


The LA Times reported that the organizers reached out to actors, artists, and musicians from and throughout the city to get their opinion, advice, and influence on the creation of the logo—driven by the idea that “everyone is part of the L.A. story.” 


Billie Eilish stands out in the group with a signature neon green logo matching her hair, while stars like Reese Witherspoon and Bobby Hundreds provided their own designs and versions of the logo, and the results are super cool. 


A total of 35 logos and variations were created for this event, and Billie Eilish’s new logo appears on the merch designed by Nike and The Hundreds, emblazoned with stylized logos. We can’t wait to see the full suite unfold!



Photo via Billie Eilish