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Björk has a new Podcast and you should listen to it

Music heads, check it.

words by: Sahar Khraibani
Sep 25, 2022

The entertainment industry has been in a continuous rise, especially when it comes to podcasts. Even when we thought there couldn’t possibly be any more topics to cover via podcasts, the Icelandic songwriter and performer Björk announces news of her new podcast.


The acclaimed artist is rarely in the public eye, so this news comes as a surprise to many of her millions of fans. The show, titled Björk: Sonic Symbolism, essentially breaks down the textures and emotional landscapes of each of her records. The podcast’s description explains: “In the podcast you’ll learn about the moods, timbers, and tempos that vibrate through each album.”


So far, 6 episodes have been released.

  • Debut, which is described as “Shy, beginner, humility, virgin, beige, silver, mohair, the messenger.”
  • Post, described as “Urban, greedy, promiscuity, euphoric, absorb, orange, pink, urban.”
  • Homogenic, described as “Warrior, active, volcanic beats, confrontational, icelandic octet, beats, cosmopolitan/icelandic contrast, green, patriotic.”
  • Vespertine, described as Winter world, paradise, frozen, celestial, whispered vocals, microbeats, loyal, swans, harps, music boxes, laptops, orchestra, glockenspiels, salvation, choir.”
  • Medúlla, described as “Primordial, motherhood, black braided hair, breastfeeding, passive, pre-civilisation, goth, folk, archeology, bones, family around campfire.”
  • Volta, described as “Justice, fire, anthropology, wanderlust, activist, brass, boats, feminist, red, neon green, electric blue, flags, trumpets, tribal beats, bombastic.”


The episodes have been launched via Mailchimp Presents, and are made in collaboration with Talkhouse, but fans can also listen to it on Apple podcasts, and more.


In the announcement made via Talkhouse, they explain:

“This isn’t just a podcast about the Icelandic genius’ incredible career, it’s a podcast made by that very genius, examining her catalog in her own words — with assistance from a couple of her closest confidantes. There’s no better way into Björk’s enigmatic world than through the artist herself, who walks you through her creative and personal processes one album at a time.”


They continued to share what Björk herself said about the series:

“When I get asked about the differences of the music of my albums, I find it quickest to use visual short cuts. That’s kind of why my album covers are almost like homemade tarot cards. The image on the front might seem like just a visual moment, but for me it is simply describing the sound of it. I try to express it with the color palette, the textures of the textiles, with what I am holding, the posture I am in, and the angle of it shows its relationship to the world. Also, the emotion of the mouth tries to share the overall mood of the album.”


You can listen to Björk: Sonic Symbolism’s first 6 episodes, and trust us, they’re a delight whether or not you are a fan of the artist.


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Photo via Viðar Logi