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Three key resources for Black Freelancers

3 essential tools.

words by: Natasha Marsh
Sep 28, 2020

As someone who only recently left the corporate scene to freelance, I have felt the growing pains of sourcing healthcare, dental care, life insurance, and all other benefits that are handed to you by big corporations with systems in place. It’s definitely been a difficult landscape to figure out, but figure it out I did. To help you have a much smoother experience, we came up with the three resources below. Happy freelancing! 


National Association of Black Journalists

The National Association of Black Journalists is a fabulous place for journalists, students and media folks to find quality programs and services that advocate specifically for Black men and women. They also host a slew of events and conferences every year where members can connect with top industry leaders and mega-companies on potential vacancies and trends in the industry.


Freelancers Hub

This organization works on advocacy, benefits, and programming for all independent, freelance workers. They will protect your rights, while creating spaces and atmospheres for job hunting and workshops on how to file taxes as an independent worker. 



Hashtag Black Creatives’ goal is to empower and inspire Black creatives in all categories. They have a designated job board and blog and host chats on their Twitter handle (@blkcreatives) where they offer strategies to strengthen and grow your career.

Additionally, we’ve launched our first-ever zine, THE HUNT, which is a guide for all freelancers to own their vertical and craft, it’s free to download!